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The search for Breasia Terrell is now being organized by law enforcement officials

Just outside of Low Moor, Iowa volunteers were assigned to different zones to search for the missing ten year old.

LOW MOOR, Iowa — Volunteers are covering miles of ground in the search for ten-year-old Breasia Terrell.  

They're focusing on parts of Clinton County now a week after she was last seen, and investigators are coordinating the effort.

A team of volunteers searches the ditches along roads outside of Low Moor, Iowa.

Scott County Emergency Management Deputy Director Brian Payne says they have established specific zones for people to search.

“We have the zones preestablished where we are looking to have searched and we want to make sure that we can coordinate the safety for the searchers coming out,"  

Starting at the Low Moor Community Center organizers are coordinating the volunteer effort.  

Scott County Emergency Management is handing out badges to keep track of how many people come out to search today.

Payne says, "We are asking everyone to bring a state ID and then we will credential them.”

By mid-morning more than 70 volunteers already out searching the area, two Davenport residents among them.

Jenna Denicus and Paige White participated in the searches on Credit Island Tuesday night as well. They say they just want to do what they can to help out.

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"We just know that if this was anyone in our life we would want as many people out here as we could."  

Organizers are urging volunteers to stay close to the road, mark anything they deem suspicious and call the Emergency Center immediately if they do.  

For Breasia's mother Aisha it’s a comfort to know people are paying attention and eager to help.

Lankford says, "I can tell you that it's definitely beautiful to see all the people out here in the heat dressed to search.”

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