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Send your kids to Storm Track 8 University

Each Wednesday at 1pm Meteorologists Andrew Stutzke and Morgan Strackbein host a 30-minute LIVE forum dedicated to explaining weather phenomenon.
Credit: WQAD

Ever wonder what causes lightning to strike in once place, but not another? Why do storms seem to fizzle when they reach the Quad Cities? What makes some storms produce tornadoes? Join Meteorologists Andrew Stutzke and Morgan Strackbein each Wednesday at 1pm as they answer your weather questions and explain different weather processes. Check back here or visit our YouTube Channel to view all of the available lessons. 

This 30-minute LIVE broadcast is perfect for both students and adults! Each week topics will become a bit more advanced, but no worries! Morgan and Andrew will keep things simple and easy to understand.

ATTENTION TEACHERS: Morgan and Andrew are making virtual classroom visits! Contact them and schedule your virtual visit today!

Morgan Strackbein - Facebook, E-Mail
Andrew Stutzke - Facebook, E-Mail


DAY 1: Introduction to Weather


DAY 2: Fronts and Air Masses


DAY 3: Surface Maps


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