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"Experience a fair like everybody else" | Mississippi Valley Fair kicks off with Special Needs Day

The fair runs from Thursday, August 3rd through Sunday, August 8th

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Mississippi Valley Fair is back in action after being shut down last year due to COVID-19. 

The fair brought back it’s special days, kicking things off on Tuesday, August 3 with Special Needs Day. 

The Handicapped Development Center came out to enjoy the fair with about 60 members. Chief Administration Officer Carol Foster said it’s a way to enjoy the fair without all the crowds. 

“It gives people a chance to come out here when it's not so crowded, and still have a good time and experience a fair like everybody else,” said Foster.

Foster said the center was not too concerned with rising COVID cases locally because of the open-air environment of the fair. In addition to that, she said most center members are vaccinated as well.

“We were kind of waiting to see and make sure that everything was going as usual," she said.

Foster said they were excited to see the fair brought back Special Needs Day, “We really appreciate the fair doing that, because a lot of people have kind of limited funds. So, they can come out here and enjoy the pizza lunch and hang out with their friends and go on the rides and see the animals.”

Sakeena Cunningham is a member at the center. For her, the day is all about enjoying time with friends. 

“I like everything about it. Just being with friends, enjoying the time we spend together, and you know, just appreciating what we have," said Cunningham. She said last year it was disappointing not being able to attend the fair. 

Nate Sanders is also a member at the center. His favorite part of the fair is the Ferris wheel and the fair food. Sanders said “It’s such an amazing opportunity to be back at the fair.”

This isn’t the only special day the fair offers either. 

Thursday is Senior and Kids Day. All kids 12 years old and younger have free entry until 5 p.m. while all seniors have a $5.00 entry fee. 

Sunday is Military Day. There is free admission for all active and inactive military members with a military ID.