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Onlookers walk Davenport's Skybridge to witness flooding downtown

Experts predict a crest of 21.6 feet to hit the Quad Cities Monday afternoon.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The metro area of the Quad Cities is expected to see floodwaters hit its highpoint Monday afternoon. It's already in the top ten largest crests on record.

Dozens of people walked Davenport's Skybridge to get the best vantage point of River Drive under feet of water Sunday. A downtown area that is usually vibrant, could not be considered a ghost town.

"It's interesting and sad at the same time," Wisconsin resident Joseph Szebeni said. "We don't see this up by us. We might have some high water tables and small rivers, but nothing like this."

His relative Larry McDevitt has lived in the area for almost 70 years, so the flooding isn't shocking.

"I have seen it a little bit higher, but this is right up there with the tops," McDevitt said.

Sue Dau lives in Davenport and has seen many floods in her lifetime, but this one is still surprising to her. 

"2019 is, of course the biggest one we ever had, and this is really close to it," Dau said. "I came up here then and it looks about the same." 

She was shocked when she saw the elevated train tracks submerged, and her beloved River Drive bike path that she rides almost every day, would be like riding through a pool. 

Although the flooding is bad, the barriers seem to be working and keeping the flooding off of 2nd Street. Now we wait and see how long the water takes to recede. 

Experts report a 21.6 feet crest for the Quad Cities Monday afternoon.

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