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Jindal jabs at Clinton over e-mail probe during Muscatine stop

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came out swinging at Hillary Clinton in a visit to Muscatine, Iowa.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal comes out swinging at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

His comments coming after Clinton reveals that she released all e-mails in a federal probe.

"She better hope and pray those Chinese hackers don't do a document dump and share all her e-mails around," he said.

Speaking before some 60 people in Muscatine, Iowa, Jindal says that Clinton is one e-mail away from prison time.

"I know that she and Martha Stewart are friends," he continued.  "Instead of giving her tips on redecorating, maybe Martha could give her tips on surviving jail time."

Jindal says that a vote for Clinton is just another vote for President Obama.

The Republican contender says he's just what the White House needs when the hour is late for America.

"We're all Americans, unified as one," he said.  "That's what made this country so great."

Although Jindal shows some momentum in Iowa, he ranks near the bottom in national polls.

Still, his call for less government resonates with voters like Darrell Beauchamp.

"He's a fighter, and he's a doer," Beauchamp said.  "I think he can make a real impact in our country."

Jindal wants to secure borders, repeal and replace Obamacare, shrink the federal budget and strengthen the military.

"He needs to continue to be truthful and speak from the heart, and to say what needs to be said," said Melissa Boerdam, Wilton, Iowa.

By going all-in for Iowa, the Jindal campaign hopes to pull ahead of the pack by caucus time.

"We cannot afford four more years of on the job training," Jindal said.

Jindal wrapped up the campaign day with a stop in Iowa City.


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