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Opposition grows over Illinois new weapons ban

"About 90% of my inventory falls underneath the new Illinois legislation ban."

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law a new ban on assault weapons on Tuesday, Jan. 10., after the Illinois House passed the bill.

The bill puts a ban on the sale and distribution of assault weapons, high capacity magazines and switches.

News 8 spoke with an Illinois gun dealer at the Davenport Gun and Knife Show at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds on Saturday, Jan. 14. Andrew Sharp, general manager of Hilltop Gunshop in Colona, said he feels the ban is "unconstitutional" and violates his second amendment rights.

"Hence why we're coming over to Iowa to do gun shows where it is legal to sell guns, and they are a pro-gun state," Sharp said.

Sharp also feels his business will be affected by the ban.

"About 90% of my inventory falls underneath the new Illinois legislation ban," Sharp said.

The law will allow for people who own such weapons to keep them. It will require existing gunowners to register semi-automatic rifles with the state. Gun owners will have until Jan. 1, 2024 to register.

"By them, telling us what it is we have to, can and can't own, and can and can't buy, and our right to bear arms," Sharp said.

News 8 also spoke with Chad Kinsey, organizer of the Davenport Gun and Knife Show, and he said more Illinois gun dealers have come to the other side of the river to get more bang for their buck.

"We have more Illinois dealers today are set up this weekend than what we've had in the past just because they can still sell them to the Iowa residents," Kinsey said."

Sharp said he's seen a some-what higher demand in the weapons that fall under the ban. He feels the restrictions won't last long.

"I feel like we got the right people fighting for it. And it'll just take a little bit a matter of time, and it'll all get shut down," Sharp said.

Several local Sheriffs have said they won't enforce the registration part of the ban. Gov. Pritzker says law enforcement could be fired if they don't comply.

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