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Election 'irregularities' alleged in Rock Island County, claims conservative organization

The Illinois Freedom Alliance, a conservative group, says that it found over 100 instances of voting "irregularities" in RICO, which officials say is untrue.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — A political organization claims that it has found evidence of "irregularities" in the Rock Island County election system, and officials are pushing back.

The group, Illinois Freedom Alliance, claims that information from Freedom of Information Requests, the Illinois State Board of Elections, and state and local voter databases showed over 100 instances of voting "irregularities in the county"

The IFA, which describes itself on social media as working day and night to elect Republicans, is a conservative political organization championing many right-wing ideas in areas like freedom of speech and religion, the 2nd Amendment, abortion, and election integrity.

The group claims that some local voters were registered to vote at addresses where they no longer live.

"According to the National Change of Address database, Daniel moved out of his Carbon Cliff home in June of 2019 to his father's home in Iowa.," claims IFA volunteer Laura Williams. " According to a Freedom of Information report, Daniel voted in the November 2020 election from the Carbon Cliff address." 

Rock Island County election officials offered explanations and pushback against the claims, saying that voters are not required by law to live at the address where they were registered to vote and that the claims make assumptions about what's really happening in voters' lives.

"When when you take it upon yourself to challenge someone's voting address because you think they don't live there; you don't know what their situation is. Maybe a family member allowed them to use that address. And as the law reads, as long as they have a valid address, they may vote," said Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney.

The RICO Election Office that it operates 100% legally and that it routinely checks for deceased, inactive, or moved voters.

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