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Supporters of President Trump march in Rock Island to protest certification of 2020 election

Roughly two dozen protestors gathered carrying signs and shouting slogans like "Stop the Steal," echoing the president's claims that the election was rigged

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — Supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday marched through downtown Rock Island as Congress was set to certify President-Elect Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election. 

Roughly two dozen Trump supporters gathered carrrying signs and shouting slogans like "Stop the Steal," echoing the president's claims of a rigged election. 

"If Joe Biden is inaugurated as the next president, he will never be my president, ever," said Mike Erickson. "What should happen is the rightful president-elect Donald Trump should be inaugurated on the 20th."

The president's supporters called the election "fraudulent," demanding that the result be overturned -- familiar allegations in the weeks following the vote on November 3rd.

"We all read everything on the internet until our eyes are glazed over. We know what’s going on," said Roxanne Croegaert. "And today Donald Trump is supposed to be giving the true numbers. He has the super computer numbers where they watched in on election night," she said.

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However, at least one onlooker said he disagreed with the protestors' message.

"They’re severely misinformed, and they’ve been encouraged the last four years and empowered the last four years to act in a socially irresponsible way," said Rock Island voter Randy Veys, who watched the march from across the street.