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Duckworth faces off with challenger Kathy Salvi for Illinois US Senate seat

The latest polling data suggests that Senator Duckworth holds a 14 point lead over Salvi.
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MOLINE, Ill. — Incumbent U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) faces off against attorney Kathy Salvi in the 2022 U.S. Senatorial election to be held on Nov. 8.

Duckworth seeks re-election for the first time since defeating Republican incumbent Mark Kirk in 2016. She previously served two terms as U.S. Congresswoman from Illinois's 8th district. She is the current vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Salvi previously ran for the Republican nomination in Illinois' eighth congressional district in 2006, but placed second behind eventual Republican nominee, David McSweeney. Salvi previously served as Lake County's assistant public defender. 

The latest polling data suggests that Senator Duckworth holds a 14 point lead over Salvi.

Let's take a look at each candidate's most pressing issues, starting with Duckworth because her name comes first alphabetically.

Duckworth on the issues

Duckworth says she is committed to protecting the environment in its battle against climate change through supporting clean energy initiatives, cutting carbon emissions and providing clean electricity to Illinoisans.

Senator Duckworth believes that the federal criminal justice system should be reformed. She also supports "common-sense" legislation to curb gun violence through expanded background checks and banning certain types of weapons and weapon modifications.

Expanding funding for public education is a central focus of Duckworth's campaign. She wants to expand access to post-secondary education, and supports initiatives to make community college tuition-free.

Duckworth plans to fight for high-quality, affordable healthcare, including efforts to lower prescription drug costs.

Humane immigration reform is a key issue, with Duckworth believing that immigrants contribute to America's rich cultural heritage and also strengthen the economy.

National security should be achieved by matching American military power with the promotion of American values through diplomacy, according to Duckworth. She believes that effective international cooperation is crucial, "when it comes to advancing our core security interests overseas to help make Americans safer at home."

Salvi on the issues

Energy independence is the first issue on Salvi's website. Salvi says she aims to increase domestic energy production, and also to diversify the types of energy produced domestically.

Salvi's economic relief plan focuses on growing the economy through limited government spending and reducing taxes and regulations.

Securing the border is a central focus for Salvi. Salvi wants to secure the border to impede the flow of drugs, human trafficking, terrorists and other dangerous criminals. She intends to increase the number of border patrol agents.

Salvi supports providing greater police funding. Her website emphasizes that she stands, "for the rule of law and holding those who break the law accountable."

Salvi believes that it's not the federal government's job to dictate school policies at the local level. She stresses the importance of parental involvement in their children's education through school board meetings and general involvement with their children's schools. 

Salvi is in favor of helping Ukraine in their ongoing war with Russia. She supports expanding American foreign policy measures.

Election Day approaches

You can vote for Duckworth or Salvi now, and until Election Day on November 8.

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