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'Restoring the decorum' | Latina judge reacts to Biden's promise of Black woman SCOTUS nominee

Rock Island County Judge Norma Kauzlarich says she is watching closely the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice that is expected by the end of this month.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — One Rock Island County judge said she is closely watching the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice that is expected by the end of February.

President Joe Biden said he would choose a Black woman as his nominee following the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.

Judge Norma Kauzlarich said she sees a reflection of herself in the pick.

"The first thing I thought in my head was 'yes,'" Kauzlarich said. "I think that as persons of color, females of color, we have a different perspective that we bring."

Kauzlarich said she's a prime example of the importance of this nomination, as she was the first Latina judge and second judge of color in the county. 

"For me, that nomination is about bringing integrity back to the court system," Kauzlarich said.

Kauzlarich, who has sat on the bench for seven years, said she hopes the selection brings a better outlook on the judicial process. 

"We need perspectives of all kinds," Kauzlarich said.

She said more minority voices need to be heard in the judicial system.

"Put us on the road to restoring the decorum and dignity of the the judicial process," Kauzlarich said.

Judge Kauzlarich said this nomination could go a long way in the courtroom. She said there has been a loss of respect for a court system that has been under fire over the past few years.

"I think that's because people don't see themselves on any of the benches," Kauzlarich said.

Since the Supreme Court's founding, there have only been four women out of 115 justices in the last 40 years.

At least 14 candidates are being considered. The U.S. Senate will have to confirm Biden's nominee.

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