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Christkindl.LIVE stands ground as a new Christmas market option

The website has filed a cease and desist claim against an organizer of the Quad Cities Christkindlmardt, looking to clear its name against scam accusations.
Credit: MGN

Christmas shoppers who have made a tradition out of Christkindlmardt have multiple ways to shop in 2020.  

Christkindlmardt Quad Cities is set to open up Friday, December 4 at 5 p.m. through 4 p.m. on Sunday, December 6 in its normal format at the Davenport Freight House. Organizers say that they have updated procedure in accordance with CDC health guidelines to provide the traditional European market setting with the increased required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another option for Christmas shoppers is Christkindl.LIVE, which is an online Christmas shopping experience which bears no affiliation with the Quad Cities market. 

Director of Operations Helen W. goes into more detail on the site's blog, stating that the market will solely focus on over 200 Christmas products that don't include the more generic and standard ones seen on the shelves of larger e-commerce sites. Items are set to include trees, lights, tea leaves, jewelry, hats and gloves, and many handmade German wood items like cuckoo clocks, ornaments, and nutcrackers. 

In addition, the site is attempting to translate the feel of a physical market by featuring a booth assistant on a live stream who will help guests with questions, gift ideas, and showcasing products in detail. 

Previous reports indicated that the organizers of the Quad Cities market thought Christkindl.LIVE was a scam that was targeting their event.  The organizer said on Tuesday, August 25 that they were concerned the other group could be a scam operation by unknown parties.

Sarah Cocchimiglio with Christkindl.LIVE said the online market is not a scam and is completely unaffiliated with any in-person markets.  A cease and desist letter was sent after assumptions were made that the Quad Cities market was being targeted.

A legal team out of Chicago, Keener and Associates, P.C., representing Christkindl.LIVE said the online market never intended make a connection with the Quad Cities’ festival.  

“It is not, nor has it ever been, my client’s intention to affiliate itself with the Quad Cities Christkindlmarket,” said Kevin Keener in their cease and desist letter.  

Christkindl.LIVE is set to open its store on November 15. 

(Editor’s Note: This report is an update to a previous story regarding a claim that Christkindl.LIVE may be a scam and initial confusion that there was an intended affiliation between the virtual market and Quad Cities Christkindlmarkt.  There is no affiliation between the two.)