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Davenport DREAM Project opening to third round of applications

The City is re-opening the home revitalization project for a new group of applicants until Friday, May 21.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The City of Davenport is once again opening up the Davenport DREAM Project to a new group of applicants looking to revitalize their homes.

The popular initiative has been brought back and opened for it's third application process on Monday, May 3, and is taking applications until Friday the 21st.

The project helps new and existing homeowners by providing them with a $20,000 grant to revitalize and improve their property.

“I’ve held onto my house through the different struggles life brings and hard times. I’ve had to put in a whole new basement, and renovate the interior. It’s taken a long time and I’ve been working two jobs. I just want to have a nice house,” said previous DREAM recipient Laura Montano. “When I heard from the City that I had been selected for the DREAM Project, I started to cry. I get the opportunity to improve the exterior, and it really is just a dream come true. I just really appreciate it.”

The project has given out $1.8 million across 93 Davenport homes across its previous two years of operation.

Funding is available to designated Davenport neighborhoods and requires that you live in the property you're intending to use the money in.

More information on the on the program can be found at www.davenportiowa.com/DREAM.