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PV’s Cody Elementary School makes the move to better classrooms in Le Claire

“It’s looking great,” said Samantha Marwin, 11. “It’s much bigger than our old room.”


It's moving day at Cody Elementary School on Friday, December 16, 2016.

"You come here," said teacher Allison Samuelson. "Sam's group, go there."

The school is unveiling a $3.4-million project.  It's part of a district-wide expansion for Pleasant Valley Community Schools.

"Setting up our new classroom, it's real exciting," said Sixth Grader Samantha Marwin, 11.

Exciting for this district of more than 4,600 students.  As enrollment increases, new rooms offer opportunities.

"It's amazing that we need more classrooms and more room to grow," Samuelson said.

The P-V district added more than 850 students over the last six years.

That's also prompting extensive renovations at its high school and junior high.

While a move like this takes a lot of boxes, it also represents a growing district and more effective ways to learn.

There's plenty of sorting and organizing on Friday. It's a real exercise in teamwork.

"There's a lot of people in the halls coming back and forth," Samantha continued.  "But it's really cool."

"25 eager fourth graders and 90 minutes can really make a difference in your life," Samuelson said.

For this district, it's all about expansion and improvements.  Youngsters will have plenty of room to learn.

"It's so much bigger than our old room," Samantha said.  "We don't have to run into each other every five seconds."

Book-by-book, this project is ready for classes.  Classrooms that are really coming together on Friday.

"It's looking great," Samantha said.  "Nice, bright colors."

"Our entire old classroom is wiped clean, and it only took 90 minutes," Samuelson concluded.

For Cody Elementary School, it's a new look for learning.