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Tug Fest will be back Aug. 10-12 this year with a change to make the competition more fair

Both teams posted on Facebook that they've agreed to continue the festivities this August.

LE CLAIRE, Iowa — Editor's note: The video above is from Feb. 2. 

An annual tug-of-war tradition across the Mississippi River will happen this year after all, according to both Iowa and Illinois teams. 

Back in February, both Illinois and Iowa teams said that negotiations stalled to continue the tradition due to decreased attendance and the belief that the Illinois side had an unfair advantage due to the mighty Mississippi's currents

But on Monday, March 20, Team Iowa announced that the teams made an agreement with a "slight twist." 

"With the generous help of Legacy Corporation, a barge will be anchored in the river to aid in evening out the current tension on the rope," Tug Fest Iowa said in a Facebook post. "We have much discussion ahead of us to work out all of the rule changes that this will lead to but we are pleased that we are finally moving forward."

Team Illinois also posted the news on its Facebook page, noting that its team will still be in the Illinois Tug Pit. The team also said the barge in the river will answer the question of whether or not the current plays a part in who wins the fierce competition.

The Illinois side also announced that Tug Fest 2023 will take place from Aug. 10-12. 

As teams prepare for the competition, the Iowa side will host its annual bags tournament fundraiser on Saturday, March 25, at the LeClaire Rec Center. Sign-up starts at 11 a.m. and bags start flying at noon. Folks who want to participate should bring a buddy for their team and $20 for each person playing. 

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