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Small community bands together to help corn farmer after tragedy strikes

A Lanark corn farmer who lost his brother in a serious car accident, struggling to keep up with demands, received the best sort of helping hand.

LANARK, ILLINOIS -- Bryan Snetcher will never forget the night of November 14.

His older brother, Daniel Snetcher, died in a car accident. The 38-year-old left behind three young children.
Bryan and Daniel weren`t just business partners. They were more than just brothers. They were best friends.

The duo always tag-teamed, working together on their their 500 acre corn farm. Two-months behind schedule, Daniel`s sudden death, coupled with a tough fall, meant Bryan was working overtime to get the job done. Until  the community came together to help finish the harvest.

With 250 acres left and Christmas days away, Bryan is confident he'll now get the crop harvested.

Good friend, Ryan Rabb struggled to come to terms with Daniel`s death, but he knew he had to help, travelling in from Durand, Illinois with his 16-row combine to lend a hand.

Through all the tragedy, Bryan remains humble. Forever grateful for all the help he`s received this very hard season.