74-year old Moline woman and son living without heat, waiting for answers since Thanksgiving

The family’s boiler has been broken since Thanksgiving.

MOLINE, Illinois -- After their boiler broke, a 74-year-old Moline woman and her son have been living without heat for weeks.

A local HVAC company turned their boiler off just before Thanksgiving, and Rosemary and Kenneth Reynolds turned to Project Now for help to pay for repairs.

Project Now forwarded their case to the state. Rosemary and her son say that it was nearly two weeks ago, and they've been living in the cold ever since.

"I'm by the phone morning to late at night, waiting and waiting," Rosemary says. "When the phone rings, I hope it's them."

The two are living with plenty of space heaters and lots of layers, thanks to their neighbors. But Kenneth worries about how they're staying warm.

"I'm up constantly checking the heater, cords, and outlets," he says. "I'm hoping we don't become a statistic with a house fire."

Kenneth's biggest concern is his mom's health.

"I don't worry about myself, not right now. She's more important," he says. "I can take the cold, but not too much."

Rosemary says she has lupus, along with heart and liver failure. She's worried about being so cold that she gets sick and ends up in the hospital.

Both are concerned about the pipes in their 117-year-old home freezing and bursting.

Rosemary turns 75 on Sunday, and with the holidays coming up, she says a solution would be a Christmas miracle.

"I just want a boiler, very badly," Rosemary says.

Project Now has not responded to News 8 for comment.