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Want to help kids start the school year off right? Send a 'Note of Inspiration'

Find out how to do it in the story below.

CHICAGO — We've seen countless acts of generosity over the past three months, and some of those acts have involved teachers giving back to students. Now though, there's a program in Illinois, offering something similar, with a special note inside of their gift. 

Back 2 School Illinois CEO Matthew Kurtzman joined us Wednesday morning, June 24th, during Good Morning Quad Cities to talk about a 'Notes of Inspiration' program he's offering to parents in the state. Iowa families can help out as well though.

"While we're based here in Illinois, and most of our stuff is in Illinois, back in 2018, we launched Back to School America, so we're actually doing some projects in other states through people buying our kits and distributing them, and we can put those notes in those kits," Kurtzman said Wednesday. "Whether they're in Illinois or whether they're in California or some place else, it really doesn't matter."  

Back 2 School Illinois provides low-income families with school supplies that they need for the upcoming year. Now the group wants parents to write 'Notes of Inspiration' that go with the supplies that go to each and every student.

"People can just go to our website, and then they order the number of blank note cards, we send them to their house, and then they can write them, be creative as they want [in writing] inspiring messages, and then they can mail them back to us at their convenience," Kurtzman said.