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JON'S SECOND EVER NAILED IT OR FAILED IT becomes a big two parter

Jon made Weather Marker Prints with Eric during Good Morning Quad Cities.

MOLINE, Ill. — Angie was not here Friday, June 18th, so I took one for the team and decide to make Weather Marker Prints.

What do you need?

Washable Markers, Crayons, Aluminum Paper, Water Bottle Spray, and White Hard Copy Paper.

What do you do?

With your hard copy paper on top of the aluminum foil, cut out a sheet of the aluminum foil. Make sure the foil's big enough to cover all ends of the white piece of paper. Then with your crayon, make little markings around the four corners of your aluminum foil.

Once that's done, take a blue marker and shade in the entire aluminum foil box you just made in blue marker. That will represent the sky. Now, with the white sheet of paper, draw something with a crayon that you would see in the sky. I drew a sun. Eric drew a tornado. This is all explained in the video below:

After you do that, go back to your aluminum foil, take your water bottle with spray, and spray your foil where you colored it in with marker. Once you do that, you put your white piece of paper down on the foil, press it against your surface, and then pull the piece of paper up. You should get a unique piece of art that comes up on the paper that I'd like to call a Weather Marker Print. This is all explained in the video below: 

Don't want to take my word for it? Click on this Youtube video I watched from WheatonArts. That's where I got this fantastic idea.

Also see Josh Lamberty make his first Cocktail of the Week on GMQC at 11 on Friday. He made a "sunken treasure" for Jon and Morgan.