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Water main break in Rock Island neighborhood leaving residents trapped in a foot of ice

Residents spend the next morning picking themselves out from the ice.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Neighbors are pitching in to clean-up their street after a water main burst just off 11th Street and 27th Avenue in Rock Island.

If you came across the neighborhood you would find a frozen mess.

“Water came over and stuck a couple cars and built up more and more,” says Hser Shee, a resident in the area.

A water main burst Saturday night, submerging the Rock Island intersection in over a foot of water.  That water froze overnight, leaving residents like Shee with a glacier he can’t seem to pick out of.

“I’m just trying to clean up my driveway, so I can get back to work tomorrow safely,” Shee says.

“It’s a safety hazard right now because no one get through here.  No fire truck, ambulance, no one can get through here,” says Kevin Kolls, another resident in the area.

Now, potholes are freezing over making the street one slippery slope.

“Living over here we have to take care of ourselves,” Shee comments.

And after a morning of cracking at the ice, the neighborhood continues to prepare for the work week and the winter weather that lies ahead.

The City of Rock Island has been out to check out the area.  The street is currently blocked off.