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‘Missing and Murdered in the Midwest’ presents Crime Chat: We’re (almost) Back!

Toria Wilson sits down with morning web producer Hannah Rodridgez for this wrap-up edition of ‘Crime Chat’ and for the year itself.

CRIME CHAT: From the host that brought you the podcast, “Missing and Murdered in the Midwest,” WQAD News 8 Executive Producer Toria Wilson, sits down with those with direct knowledge to the cases that left the Quad City area asking questions.

EPISODE 4: I sat down with morning web producer Hannah Rodridgez for this wrap-up edition of ‘Crime Chat’ and for the year itself.

We first touched on the face that not all the ‘Hallo-week’ podcast episodes did not air. Technical issues (and a vacation in Massachusetts) really messed with the timing of everything. Never fear though, we will be publishing the last two soon! Especially since there is an update to one of the cases since the episode was originally set to air!

We highlighted three episodes we covered this year that have some updates to them as well. December 2019 marks roughly one year since a boat connected to the missing person case of Trudy Apppleby had been found. We are still waiting to hear if the FBI’s analysis of the boat has brought any results if Appleby was on it right before her disappearance more than 25 years ago.

We also touch on the Adrianne Reynolds case, as both the people convicted in the East Moline teen’s death back in 2005 are trying to have a judge either reduce their sentence or be released. Attorney’s for both Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory are trying to go off an Illinois Supreme Court ruling, making it unconstitutional to give a near-life or life imprisonment sentence to a teenager, that has no criminal record.

We also discuss the arrest of the parents of spree killer Nicholas Sheley. James and Debra Sheley were arrested in November of 2019.

We also highlighted some cases that I plan to touch on in 2020. That includes the trial of Anna Schroeder which is currently scheduled to begin in January. The disappearance of Jerry Wolking, the cold case turned conviction of Annette Cahill, and the Internet’s first serial killer who operated not too long ago, and not too far from the Quad Cities.

I am hoping people join in on our ‘Bloody Good Book Club’. I read a lot of true crime books, as well as TV and movies. So I hope you get a chance to check out my recommendations, which include:

Selections from former FBI agent and author John Douglas: “Anyone You Want Me To Be”, “Mindhunter” and “Killer Across the Table”.

“I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara

“American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century” by Maureen Callahan

Also, if you get a chance, watch ‘The Confession Killer’ on Netflix, the latest show you will definitely want to binge on this weekend.

‘Missing and Murdered in the Midwest’ podcast is set to kick back off for Season 2 come January 16, 2020.

So keep listening, and thank you all for a great kick off season this year.

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