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Missing and Murdered in the Midwest: John Robinson Part 1, from money to murder

In a 3-part series the podcast breaks down a unique case along the Missouri-Kansas border.

Hannah Rodriguez, Toria Duffey


MISSING AND MURDERED IN THE MIDWEST: A podcast looking into crimes that made the headlines, starting in the Quad City area and expanding throughout the Midwest. Podcast host and News 8 Executive Producer Toria Wilson, dedicated her time into researching the murder cases that shocked us and the missing persons cases that left us with unanswered questions.

EPISODE 14: In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s the World Wide Web, also known as the information superhighway, was just that. You could dial up and go anywhere in the world, talk to people you’d never meet in person or educate yourself on anything you wanted to know. It was truly the Wild Wild West in the then-nearing 21st century. 

Immediately after the boom, people failed to foresee the dark side of the Internet: An interconnected network where every awful thought, every crass and cruel thing humans could imagine would eventually appear.

The Internet became a place where people could share thoughts and feelings with people who felt the exact same way.

Just like when this country was slowly arising, and the new frontier was being established, laws and rules weren't up to par to fight the evil lurking in the shadows

Deep into the dark hours of the night at a home in Missouri, one of those wicked figures, illuminated by a computer screen, scoured the internet for vulnerable prey: those desperate for a companion, a job, a place to live or even a master.

Just like a hunter in the wild, John Robinson would strike.