Y Quad Cities rowers dialed in on the off-season, some signing to D1 programs

Y Quad Cities Rowing is no stranger to winning big. Now some of their best rowers are moving on to the next level.

MOLINE, Illinois -- With each movement in perfect harmony, you won't find the Y Quad Cities Rowing club on the water this time of year.

"I just always want to keep getting faster and be the best that I can be," said Emma Mask, a senior at Pleasant Valley.

Make no mistake, they're working just as hard in the offseason as they do in the spring.

“We help each other improve. We push each other every day. You can see yourself getting better through every practice." said Brenna Morley, also a senior at Pleasant Valley.

Every grueling practice spent rowing on machines--  called ergometers or "ergs" for short -- they hope pays of when spring rolls around.

“This is our erg season where we focus on making those gains in muscle and just getting faster," said Mask.

Y Quad Cities Rowing is no stranger to winning big, bringing home trophies from some of the toughest regattas in the country.

“My freshman year I went to Nationals, and then to the Junior National team so at that point I think I was all in," said Taylor English, also a senior at Pleasant Valley.

English is one of six rowers in the club who are taking their talents to the next level, signing to top Division I college programs.

“As I got faster, I wanted to get even faster," said English. "But there was also more pressure on me."

English has been rowing since eight grade, but one of the signees, Bella Miletich, has been at it for less than a year.

“I think I’ve definitely gotten better endurance. I’m a lot stronger," said Miletich, a senior at Bettendorf. "I think I’m more lean and the team aspect has helped my mental ability."

No matter how long they've been rowing, the sport is paving the way for their futures.

“I always saw these girls years above me sign to these amazing schools," said Delaney Evans, a senior at Pleasant Valley. "I always dreamt of being like that someday."

Evans is signing to Michigan, English to Stanford, Morley to Duke, Mask to Iowa, Stella Warren to Kansas, and Miletich to Jacksonville. They're representing the QC all over the country.

“I know we’re a small club in Illinois but it shows that anyone can do it really," said Morely. "You just have to be willing to work hard, focus and dedicate yourself.”