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MTI Star Student Athlete: Austin Martinez

Austin and his friends longboarded 100 miles through the Quad Cities to raise money for charity.

From football, wrestling, track, musical theater, volunteering, to youth group, United Township's Austin Martinez does it all. 

"He does all these things, not to mention all he does with his church, and that says a lot about him," said Panther Head Coach Nick Welch. "He dips his hand in many pots and does a nice job of managing his time." 

Austin's a captain for the Panthers this season, hoping to lead his teammates towards wins on and off the field. 

"I really like the comradery, the teamwork, I love the guys that I play with so to do well for them is really important to me." said Martinez, a senior. 

Welch agrees. "He's one of the guys that when you walk into the weight room, he's drenched in sweat, he's encouraging his teammates, and he doesn't skip reps."

That same hardworking attitude has translated elsewhere. Austin and his friends longboarded 100 miles through the Quad Cities. 

"We started at 6:00 a.m. and We longboarded like 57 miles in one day." said Martinez. "Then the next day we did the rest."

But it wasn't just for kicks. 

"It was like over 16 hours of longboarding and then after that I had to race home and get to practice on time."

All to raise $4000 to fund the construction of water oasis' in East Africa through a group called World Serve International. 

"Me and the guys, we saw a need. Where would the world be if young people didn't see a need and say 'I can help with that?'" said Martinez. 

"Austin puts others in front of himself and that's a life long skill." added Welch. 

A skill that comes from a place of love and faith.

"To have a servant's heart is to be like Jesus," said Martinez. "That's something that a lot of people or at least me try to strive for. To have a servant's heart is really important now a days because there's not a whole lot left."

He carries that servant's heart in every sport and activity he does. 

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