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'This is unreal': Social media reacts to Kevin Costner, MLB Field of Dreams game

"On the other side of that corn we filmed a movie that stood the test of time," Costner said to open Thursday night's game.

DYERSVILLE, Iowa β€” The field is built. The fans (and teams) came. As did a national TV broadcast on FOX.

The Chicago White Sox (67-48, 1st place in the American League Central) and New York Yankees (63-51, 3rd place in the American League East) made the trek to Dyersville, Iowa for Thursday night's game.

And for the state's first-ever regular-season Major League Baseball game, social media took notice.

The players

Yankees outfielder and designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton tweeted, "Living the Dream" followed by two corn emojis.

Yankees pitcher Jordan Montgomery tweeted out a team picture.

"Nothin' runs like a Deere," White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito said after being photographed on a tractor at the field.

"Looking forward to playing in the MLB Field of Dreams Game," White Sox outfielder Eloy JimΓ©nez tweeted.

Yankees relief pitcher Zack Britton said, "Taking it all in at the Field of Dreams. More to come."

The game entrance

The 1989 film's featured actor Kevin Costner led the charge onto the field Thursday night, followed by both teams. 

"On the other side of that corn we filmed a movie that stood the test of time," he said. "Tonight, thanks to that enduring impact that that little movie had, it's allowed us to come here again."

"Ok now that's a pretty dope entrance," said JoJo Romero, a pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

The Field of Dreams Movie Site tweeted simply: "This is unreal."

"This is awesome," @joeliskidding tweeted.

And Twitter user @JustinFezz? "This 'Field of Dreams' in Iowa is dope!"

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A remake of the 'Field of Dreams' film?

The FOX Sports team put their own twist on the film during the pregam show, featuring Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas and broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt.

And despite being retired from baseball, Ortiz and Rodriguez ... can't quite seem to mend their Red Sox-Yankees feud.

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