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Voters say the Iowa caucus numbers don’t add up and Twitter is freaking out

With 85% of precincts reporting several inconsistencies were seen with the latest batch of numbers coming from the Iowa caucuses.
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The Iowa Caucuses are long over but results are still being tabulated and released.

The delay in results that were expected February 3rd has many people angry about the time it’s taking to report numbers and what some say is the unnecessarily convoluted way in which it is run.

And the questions are coming from inside the state of Iowa and far from its borders.

With 86% of precincts reporting results from the Iowa caucuses, several inconsistencies were seen with the latest batch of numbers, according to Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz.

Two weeks ago, Drake University Political science professor Dr. Dennis Goldford told WQAD.com you shouldn’t “pay that much attention to the numbers” but instead to the final delegate count.

But eagle-eyed voters have seen all those numbers change multiple times throughout the day, in ways they say don’t make sense.

As results were continuing to be released on Wednesday afternoon, the Iowa Democratic Party said on Twitter that there was a mistake in the results that were being corrected.  Within about 30 minutes, the account said the results were corrected.

According to political activist and podcast host Shaun King from New York, several precinct captains publicly said they submitted the votes over 24 hours prior, and they have yet to be reported by the IDP.   King called into question why the party had yet to report the numbers.

Several Twitter users were comparing results from Black Hawk County against the Iowa Democratic Party results and asking why the numbers were so different.

The most likely explanation is an error, according to San Francisco International Airport commissioner Peter Sterne. Opinions like his have been popping up amid three days of intense scrutiny across the nation. Others suspect more sinister reasons for the inconsistencies.

Take a look at IDP’s 2020 Caucus Results

Many are accusing the party incompetence or of withholding results.

However, users on Twitter say the unofficial results from the IDP have changed multiple times with delegates changing between candidates seemingly at random.

The errors seemingly shown in these tweets are no longer visible on the IDP’s results spreadsheet.

Tentative results show Pete Buttigieg in the lead, with Bernie Sanders following in second.

Check here for the most current numbers from the IDP.

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