The First Lady defends ‘blood’ red Christmas trees

“I think they look fantastic,” Melania Trump said.
red christmas trees white house melania trump

WASHINGTON D.C. — First Lady Melania Trump is on the defense again. This time, it’s about her Christmas decorations.

A video released by Trump through Twitter on Nov. 26 shows the First Lady walking through the newly decorated White House. Everything seems until she strolls down a hallway lined with pure-red trees made out of berries.

According to the White House, the color red was a symbol of valor and bravery, matching the stripes found in the presidential seal.

People who saw the video took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the holiday decor. Some said the trees made them think of the scene in the shining where blood fills the hallway.

(Warning: the video below is graphic and contains depictions of blood)

Another user mentioned that the trees looked like uniforms worn by guards found in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“Talking about opioids and getting the message out, and what is the media… hung up on with the first lady now? The red Christmas trees.” Political commentator Eric Bolling said.

“I think they look fantastic,” Melania Trump said.