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How to track your mail-in ballot in Iowa

Voters in Iowa can track their ballot online after mailing it in.

This election is shaping up to be a record-breaker in the number of Americans who will be voting by mail.

Millions have made early ballot requests despite concerns some have about mail-in voting -- and as President Donald Trump continues to stoke baseless fears about election integrity, though there is no widespread fraud in US elections and voting by mail is very secure.

But what happens after you fill out your ballot and put it back in the mail -- or in an official drop-box? According to a CNN review, 45 states and the District of Columbia allow you to track your ballot just like an Amazon package or food delivery.

How ballot tracking works

Each ballot gets a specific number: Most states, with the help of USPS, send ballots envelopes with a unique set of numbers for each individual voter. Those numbers are often known as Intelligent Mail Barcodes, which allow the Postal Service to track the ballot.

You can register to track them: They also enable states and localities to use ballot-tracking websites. The tracking technology isn't automatic, though -- you'll have to register through your state's voter website to be able to track your ballot. You'll also have to enter some basic information into the website, including your name, birthday and zip code.

The tracking sites vary in what they do: Some states show updates for each step of the mail-in voting process, while others simply indicate a ballot has been "sent" or "accepted" by local election officials.

In some cases, this technology can also be used to notify voters when there's an issue with sending or accepting their ballot, giving you notice to fix it before it's too late.

Iowans- track your ballot here.

Credit: Iowa SOS

Illinois has no ballot tracking available.

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