Pay it Forward recognizes man who mentors kids in the Quad Cities

DAVENPORT, Iowa– Matt McDowell is teaching kids how to become leaders, not followers. “We talk with the kids and especially today it’s about g...

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Matt McDowell is teaching kids how to become leaders, not followers.

"We talk with the kids and especially today it's about growth..it's all about growing when I was coming up you had wonder bread formative years 5-15 that's what we're doing teaching our young people here to grow," said Matt.

McDowell's worked with thousands of Quad City kids over the past thirty years. Volunteering at Friendly House, Family Resources and Camp Excel as well as inspiring others to get involved.

"He doesn't expect any kind of recognition whatsoever I know he works on a limited budget and he makes do with what he can," said Michael Doak. Seeing Matt's generosity gave Doak the idea to give back as well but this time to Matt.

"Mike, thank you for nominating Matt for Pay it Forward at Ascentra Credit Union our motto is listening, caring and doing what's right and Matt's generous spirit towards the youth in this community falls right into line with everything that motto stands for," said Travis Kershaw, with Ascentra Credit Union.  "That's why we at Ascentra are proud to give you $300 so that you can Pay it Forward to him."

While Matt is finishing up a hard day at work at Camp Excel we gave him a heartfelt surprise.

"On behalf of WQAD and Ascentra Credit Union and the whole community, I'd like to present you with $300 from the Pay it Forward program," said Doak.

Matt doesn't do this work to be rewarded he does it for a brighter future.

"The old saying is you know the kids are our future but it's reality they are our future but you know I'm hoping and investing in them now so twenty years from now instead of pushing me in front of traffic, they'll help me across the street," said McDowell. Working to set a good example for the kids he mentors with the help of the people in his corner.

"We need more cheerleaders in our lives so that's why I'm glad I got plenty of cheerleaders," said McDowell.

If you know of someone doing good things in your community, someone who shows the core values of Ascentra Credit Union, which are Listening, Caring and Doing What's Right, nominate them for the Pay it Forward Contest here.