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Why James Zahara and Eric Sorensen are MIA

No worries, they’ll be back!
James Zahara and Eric Sorensen

No worries, they’ll be back!

Two of our meteorologists happen to have medical issues that require surgery at nearly the same time.  Chief Meteorologist James Zahara and Good Morning Quad Cities Meteorologist Eric Sorensen will take time off to have those procedures in May.

James suffered an Achilles injury which hasn’t healed properly; having surgery now will give him the best chance at getting rid of the limp in his walk.  The docs have told him he faces a lifetime of being unable to run or jump unless he has it repaired now.

Click here to watch James explain what’s going on

Eric is toughing it out for a few weeks before he, too, has surgery; his is for a urinary tract problem discovered when he had a kidney stone removed.

Click here to watch Eric explain what’s going on

So, we’re getting a little help from guest meteorologists including a familiar face to the Quad Cities, Ryan Burchett; and maybe we can get him to share a story or two about what he’s been doing since he left TV for the adventure of starting the Mississippi River Distilling Company with his brother.  We’re also getting help from meteorologists from our sister stations WGN-TV in Chicago and WXIN in Indianapolis; so we’ll continue to bring you the most accurate forecasts on WQAD News 8 and WQAD.com.


Eric has to (or is it ‘gets to’?) wear pajama pants every day, everywhere, thanks to limits on his mobility.

James is pretty jazzed about the possibility of getting a scooter to help him get around, and WQAD News 8 anchor Jim Mertens will be his chauffeur since he won’t be able to drive for a couple of months.

Both of these guys will continue to post updates on social media, and they’d love to hear from you as well!

Connect with WQAD News 8 Meteorologist Eric Sorensen on Facebook – click here – or on Twitter – click here.

Connect with WQAD News 8 Chief Meteorologist James Zahara on Facebook – click here – or on Twitter – click here.

Get well soon, James and Eric!


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