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Nurse and officer injured by inmate at Coralville Classification Center

Guards say attacks in jails and prisons are on the rise.
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CORALVILLE, Iowa — A nurse and a correctional officer were injured after an inmate attacked them at the Iowa Medical Classifcation Center in Coralville on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

According to a release, an inmate became aggressive after being asked to return to their cell and rushed the officer, knocking him over and hitting him. A nurse and two other officers attempted to pull the inmate off the injured officer and the nurse was kicked and injured.

The inmate was eventually subdued and the injured officer and nurse were treated on site. Neither had to be transported to the hospital.

This is the second attack on a nurse at that facility in the past five months. Correctional department union members in both Iowa and Illinois have complained that lack of staffing and other changes have contributed to a rising number of attacks on staff.