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TBK Bank Sports Complex draws in professional soccer team to hold tryouts

BETTENDORF, Iowa– Over the weekend, hundreds of soccer players from all over the world came to Bettendorf to try out for a professional soccer team from T...

BETTENDORF, Iowa-- Over the weekend, hundreds of soccer players from all over the world came to Bettendorf to try out for a professional soccer team from Texas. Tryouts were held at the TBK Bank Sports Complex and were open to the public, including Mueng Sunday.

“After I finished at Drake I went on to preseason with Orlando City B and injuries happened and it didn't work out there so this is just another opportunity for me to get back on the horse,” said Sunday.

Soccer has been part of his life for over a decade as a player, and now as a coach for the Sporting Iowa East Soccer Club in Bettendorf, a club that runs out of TBK.

“Many of my club kids are out here watching the tryout and that's just inspiring, so yeah it makes me feel fantastic that we've go this opportunity here now,” said Paul Dayrell. Dayrell has been coaching Mo for years and gave him the opportunity to come to Bettendorf to coach after he was injured. Mo couldn't resist the opportunity for a second chance when the Austin Bold hand picked TBK for their tryouts.

“That's what I'm here for. I trust they have good players and they need more development,” said Marcelo Serrano. Serrano is the head coach for the Austin Bold and believes there is plenty of plenty here in the Quad Cities.

Now Mo and other Quad City players get the chance to go pro right from their backyards.

“It's huge for Iowa soccer,” said Sunday,“To get out here and just be able to play and keep the dream alive is just a good opportunity,".

An opportunity they hope to continue and grow over at TBK.

“Everybody deserves an opportunity right so why not? Why not come in here, come into Iowa? People who ask why, my answer is ‘why not?’,” said Serrano.

“Bringing such  a high level event here is just really amazing because for me it's exciting to see out younger kids now that they have the potential to play a little 7v7 game locally but in five to six years they could be trying out for a professional team,” said Dayrell.

Something no one thought would happen here in Iowa, let alone the Quad Cities.

“It's proven that Iowa kids just need to be seen. We have the talent here, we have the infrastructure, we just need to give them these opportunities to move on to the next level,” said Dayrell.

“For our younger kids now they get to see it and they look at it as I have a chance when I get older to potentially get to play for professional teams,” said Sunday.

A chance to follow your dreams while having home field advantage.

Mo and a few other local players were invited to stay and play in a match against college players in the area. Everyone who participated in tryouts was put into the team database to keep track of for the team.