One junior high student is fighting cancer with an army on her side

100% of the money raised went to Lynsey’s family.

LECLAIRE, Iowa --  A Pleasant Valley Junior High student has been battling leukemia for the last four months, but her family says they don't feel alone in her battle. Lynsey Stevenson has an army of support at school.

Lynsey Stevenson is a 8th grade student at Pleasant Valley Junior High. She was diagnosed with cancer in May 2019, and has had to take time away from school for her chemotherapy treatments.

"It's kind of hard because I don't feel very good at school," Lynsey said. "It's hard to push myself around the halls."

"We are here with her," Pleasant Valley Junior High student Natalie Christ said. "We want help through this. I think everyone really was thinking about her and it was just to celebrate her.”

Seventh and eight grade students dressed in all green and camo on Friday, September 27th, 2019, in support of Lynsey. They call themselves her "army."

The name came as a tribute to Lynsey's favorite band.

"My favorite band is BTS," Lynsey said. "Their fan group is called "army" and their colors are camo, so I wanted it to kind of be "Lynsey's army."

"She’s not fighting alone, PV Junior High Student Aly Horbath saud. "She’s got the whole school and community on her side and rooting for her."

Lynsey couldn't come to school, because she was at treatment, but that didn't stop the students from celebrating her.

"I hope that it keeps her spirits up and keeps her fighting," PV Junior High student Nathan Kuberski said.

Lynsey takes half days at school, staying until 10 am.

"School is better than just sitting here and being bored," Lynsey said. "It's hard because I don't get to go to lunch ,so I don't get to talk to my friends."

Lynsey's army at school didn't just dress up in green and sign posters, they took it one step further and surprised Lynsey.

"It was so fun to see everyone walking the halls in them," Lynsey said.

Students brought Lynsey posters, candy, pictures, paint, and rocks to her house after school. The rocks are so Lynsey can paint kindness rocks and spread them around the community.

"I have a lot of good friends supporting me this year and they make it really easy," Lynsey said.

Lynsey will continue with chemotherapy for the next two years, but says she hopes to start going to school for longer than just mornings.

All of the proceeds raised from the "Lynsey's Army" shirts went to Lynsey's family.