Muscatine community starts petition in support of ousted mayor

People in Muscatine are rallying behind their mayor and calling for an investigation into their city council.

MUSCATINE, Iowa - The Muscatine community is rallying behind their mayor and calling for an investigation into their city council.

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 the council voted to request the City Attorney to start the process in removing Mayor Diana Broderson from office.  The vote didn't sit well with some people and now they want change.

After the Muscatine City Council’s vote Ann Brumback posted a change.org petition online. She wants an investigation into the Muscatine City Council after it unanimously voted to start the process of removing Mayor Diana Broderson from office.

“It’s already reached over 500 signatures. I just posted it on my Facebook page and some Muscatine discussion pages,” remembers Brumback.

“I have been overwhelmed with support from not only the people in the community but all over the United States. People have been contacting me and saying they cannot believe what is happening,” says Mayor Broderson.

The decision came after months of bad blood. The council stripped Broderson of her appointing powers after she says it did not agree with who she chose to appoint. The council says it's because she didn't run her decisions by them.

“It shouldn't be all big business people running our community. There are more of us. I come from working last family and I just feel like we should all have a say,” added Broderson.

Council members haven't given a reason for their vote to remove Mayor Broderson and that angers some people who voted for her.

“Which in turn raises red flags with people because when you accuse someone and you don't say anything questions start to fly as to what you are hiding,” says Brumback.

Mayor Broderson thinks the reason the council wants her gone is because of differing opinions.

“If they don't have anything more than I said unkind things about them then I think there's going be some trouble,” added Broderson.

Brumback hopes her petition will give the community answers.

As of Tuesday, January 17 the petition had reached over 560 signatures.

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