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Muscatine mayoral candidate says he hopes to bring positive change to the city

MUSCATINE, Iowa – Most days you can find Charlie Harper inside his bike shop, Harper’s Cycling and Fitness. He’s lived in Muscatine his entire...

MUSCATINE, Iowa - Most days you can find Charlie Harper inside his bike shop, Harper's Cycling and Fitness.

He's lived in Muscatine his entire life and has owned the shop with his wife Jean for 50 years.

Harper announced he was running for mayor in August. He's not a politician, but seeing the struggles between the city council and mayor over the last two years inspired him to want to bring a positive change.

"The staff that's on there now and most of the city council I communicate well with them and I think there's been a lack of communication and that could be the heart of the problem," said Harper.

Just last week, a judge ruled in favor of Mayor Diana Broderson after the city council voted to oust her in May.

City Administrator Gregg Mandsager claims Mayor Diana Broderson has been spreading lies about him since she took office, now demanding a retraction and apology.

"It is kind of an embarrassment to the community," said Harper.

Harper says he's keeping his campaign 'clean' focused on the good happening in Muscatine.

"We got a new hotel, they're doing a Mississippi drive project and we've just opened up four more miles on our new trail system and I've been working with trails and a lot of new things over the last few years," said Harper.

Harper says he is going to work on bringing more people into the city.

"Sixty years ago a lot of people went and left from Muscatine and went to Quad Cities or other places for employment commuting every day and now we've seen that change where now people are commuting to Muscatine to work," said Harper.

He hopes to be the positive change he believes Muscatine needs, "They all seem enthusiastic, they're ready for a change and I have a good feeling about it all."

Muscatine's city elections will be held on November 7th.