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“I am so broken” – Moline teen dies after rapid onset of rare disease

“I am so broken,” Chistopher’s dad said.
Christopher Bunch

MOLINE, Illinois – Christopher Bunch, a teen who was diagnosed with ADEM disease, died today.

“I am so broken,” Elijah Bunch, Chistopher’s dad, said.

Bunch, 14, passed away Tuesday afternoon. Christopher’s family posting on facebook “As of 1:02 pm on 8/14/18, Christopher Bunch has went to Heaven. RIP my baby.”

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His father also posted on Facebook, saying “We are so upset to say this, but our my gorgeous son Christopher Bunch has gone to be with God.”

ADEM is short for acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, a rare auto immune disease that rapidly attacks the brain and spinal cord.

Friends of the Bunch family have set up a Go Fund Me page to help the family with mounting medical and other expenses.

Doctors described the severity of Bunch’s diagnosis as the worst they had ever seen.

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