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Mini cow regains mobility thanks to an Iowa man’s compassion and a set of wheels

This mini-cow is getting around just fine, despite having been born with deformed legs. Why? A set of strong wheels and a “dad” who didn’t gi...

MARENGO, Iowa --  This mini-cow is getting around just fine, despite having been born with a deformity. Why? A set of strong wheels and a "dad" who didn't give up on her.

Jered Camp, from Maregno, Iowa, spends his afternoon doing chores, cleaning, and making sure his one-year-old eats her vegetables.

"She loves broccoli. Broccoli is her favorite food," says Jered.

Angel is a broccoli-loving, one-year-old mini cow, spoiled enough to be eating in Jered's living room.

"She's a miniature zebu which is like an Asian ox," says Jered. "People think of them with the big humps on their backs."

And just like any toddler, with the help of dad, Angel's running the place, sort of.

Angel was born with deformed back legs. Her original owners tried getting her help, but after the vet said there was nothing they could do surgically, they were told it would be best to put Angel down.

But then Jered stepped in with a big idea for his rescued baby. He got her custom-made wheels.

"Her wheelchair she got came from Walkin' Wheels. They typically do wheelchairs for dogs," says Jered .

Now the second set of legs give Angel a second chance at life. With dad close by, Angel is ready to conquer every bump that tries to get in her way, and she's not doing it alone.

"This is Iowa Farm Sanctuary. We rescue farm animals here in the Midwest," says Jered .

The more than 10-acre plot of land is home to 60 of what Jered calls his "misfit miracles."

"These animals are victims to semi accidents, neglect situations just like companion animals are," said Jered, "and we're here to provide them safety and shelter like companion animals."

Now that this family is two legs and two wheels larger, there's only one requirement- every member has to have the will to move forward together.

"Everybody goes through struggles," said Jered. "Everyone has that thing they have to get over. For people to see her overcome those struggles, overcome not being able to walk, and now she has her freedom in her wheelchair to get around, it's just a really inspiring story, and I think people find peace in that and motivation as well."