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Meet the first Quad Cities baby of 2019

Mom and baby received a gift basket and a $150 gift card.

SILVIS, Illinois  --  Axel Ivan Winterbottom was born at 2:15 a.m. at Genesis Medical Center in Silvis. Axel is the first Quad Cities baby of 2019. 

Originally due on January 14th, Axel's mother, India Danay, had no clue she would have a New Years baby.

"I came in for a stress test and my blood pressure was up high," Danay said. "The doctor recommended we induce." Axel is six pounds, five ounces, and 19 inches long. India says he is already full of personality. 

"He talks in his sleep, just like me," Danay said. Axel has similar qualities to his father, Bob Winterbottom, too. "He is his father's son," Danay said.

The baby has blue eyes and a full head of hair. The family is set to go home on Thursday.

The family received a gift and a $150 gift card.

The first baby at Davenport BirthCenter received same basket. That baby was born at 2:38.