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Little York boy makes it to the Bigs with Milwaukee Brewers

“When I first walk in [to Miller Park], in the back of my mind I say it’s a dream come true,” says Andrew.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin-- Every day's a good day when you're living your dream.

Players at Miller Park get ready to go, but they can't play without him. Meet 22-year-old Andrew Raes, a top groundskeeper for the Milwaukee Brewers.

"A lot of people thought I'd be a farm kid and country boy," remembers Andrew. "I'm like uh uh. You can count me as a city boy now."

Andrew grew up in Little York, Illinois. Little York has a population of 300 people.

"Greg was brought up on a family farm, I was brought up on a family farm," says Andrew's mom Michelle.

Andrew was brought up on something else, baseball. He was good at the game but excelled in the work behind it. He constructed and cared for his own baseball field right in his backyard.

"If he painted wrong, he would pull the grass out. It had to be perfect," says Andrew's dad, Greg.

The pro perfected his home field everyday, his fans, Greg and Michelle, watched.

"Making a mound the right height, then he'd make his steps to measure out the bases," remembers Greg.

"He would have Greg and I come out to the field to look at it and give our input, although I don't know why he was asking us. He knew more about it than we ever did," says Michelle.

But Andrew didn't stop there.

"I walked outside and saw the paint on the barn, and I thought oh my gosh, what is his dad going to say," says Michelle.

Andrew, without his parents permission, spray painted his very own yellow foul line pole onto the family barn to complete his field.

Andrew eventually left his field of dreams to pursue his even further. He studied field management in college and landed a job in the Minors with the Burlington Bees. His fan club grew along the way.

"There are certain things you have to do, and something he would go above and beyond to do to make it look that nice," remembers Andrew's colleague Tom Gray.

But it was the field he took care of first along with his loyal fans from day one that ultimately took care of him.

"Keep dreaming. There is nothing you can't achieve if you keep trying, and he keeps proving that everyday," says Michelle.

Every day's a good day when you're living your dream.

"When I first walk in [to Miller Park], in the back of my mind I say it's a dream come true," says Andrew.

But that dream's even better when that dreamer remembers where it all began.

"It never gets old, it never gets old," says Andrew.

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