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Fresh Deli in Davenport’s Freight House to close Sunday evening

A Davenport small deli shop that’s been in business since 1996 is closing tomorrow evening.
Nostalgia Farms

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A local deli shop is suddenly closing its doors on Sunday, October 27th.

Fresh Deli by Nostaglia Farms, located in Davenport’s Freight House, posted a video to its Facebook page, where the restaurant’s face and one of its owners, Ed Kraklio, announced its impending closure.

Kraklio says that he and General Manager Joe Dennis are closing the shop due to health and personal circumstances. The shop is set to close its doors on Sunday at 4 p.m. Fresh Deli will close for the day on Saturday the 26th at 8 p.m., and open it’s doors on its final day at 8 a.m. Sunday.

Kraklio also says that the team has future prospects beyond Fresh Deli and encourages the community to stay tuned. Fresh Deli thanks the staff, guests, and customers that have come through the doors since the business started in 1996.