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Former Vice President Joe Biden surprises voters in Eldridge

Former Vice President Joe Biden surprised voters in Eldridge as part of his two-day campaign trail in Iowa.

ELDRIDGE, Iowa -- Former Vice President Joe Biden surprised voters in Eldridge as part of his two-day campaign trail in Iowa.

For those inside Tasty Cafe in Eldridge on Wednesday, June 12th,  their usual breakfast came with a surprise.

Former V.P. Joe Biden is leading the polls in a race to be the next president. But this morning, he surprised people having breakfast.

LeAnne Schneckloth and Barbra Kuhl were at the restaurant for a usual "girls breakfast." They say to their surprise, all of a sudden, Biden walked in.

"This morning it was just going to be a girls breakfast and little did we know," Schneckloth said. "We were in the right place and he just shook hands and sat right here and wanted my camera and took a selfie."

Both of their photos now preserving what they call a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Schneckloth said that was the closest she had ever been to a prospective candidate.

"(With) everything (that's going on) with the farming, it's nice to see a candidate interested in that," Kuhl said. She said she's glad he shows interest in things that impact the Eldridge community.

Bernie Peeters had the opportunity to sit and eat breakfast with the 2020 candidate. He said chatting with Biden was an opportunity to learn what he is all about.

"Joe wanted to just talk to regular-type people and not necessarily the big city folks and the big movers and shakers," Peeters said. "Having served as Vice President and having met a lot of the major world leaders, (Biden) thought that put him in a pretty good position to understand things and be able to relate, and communicate."

Biden briefly answered media questions regarding the upcoming Democratic Primary Debate.

"I really am still optimistic. Not about winning or losing -- I'm optimistic about the country," Biden said.

Mayor Marty O'Boyle was with Biden as he spoke with patrons at Tasty Cafe. He said Biden being in town means he acknowledges the community and sees they are growing.

"We’re honored, we’re honored to have Joe here," Mayor O'Boyle said. "It’s always nice to have a former Vice President drop in to your community unannounced and say hello!"

Once the event was over, Biden continued his campaign trail in Clinton. Leaving those he met briefly to ponder their experience.

"I'm in awe that this happened today," Schneckloth said. "It was just supposed to be a girl's breakfast!" she joked.

The first Democratic Primary Debate is two-weeks from today on June 26th, 2019 in Miami.