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Food Truck Week wraps up with a “gourmet ice cream” truck

You heard that right! There’s a gourmet ice cream truck right here in the Quad Cities. There’s a good chance you’ve passed by “Here̵...

You heard that right! There's a gourmet ice cream truck right here in the Quad Cities.


There's a good chance you've passed by "Here's the Scoop" ice cream shop in the Village of East Davenport thinking it's just an ordinary ice cream shop. Open for a handful of years, a husband and wife team is coming up with some really great combinations of adult flavors, along with the traditional ice cream flavors. That ascends this ice cream shop (and truck) above the rest!

Chavelle says "I like coming up with different things. We are constantly coming up with new flavors."

As long as she can get a supply of rhubarb, there will be a Strawberry Rhubarb Sundae available. And of course it's served in a waffle cone dish. There's a Goat Cheese and Roasted Cherry ice cream, and Rich says it's all about the fresh ingredients. There's a reason why their key lime isn't bright green like people think it should be. "Key limes are green on the outside, but that's not what you eat! We squeeze our key limes fresh, so you'll get that great taste without the artificial color."

You can stop by Here's the Scoop at 1104 Mound Street, Davenport, Iowa, 52803. They set up their food truck at various locations, including the Freight House Farmer's Market in Davenport. They will also be participating in the Food Truck Fight tomorrow (Saturday) in LeClaire.

They also post frequently on their Facebook page. We'd like to thank all who participated in "Food Truck Week" on Good Morning Quad Cities. There's just something great about grabbing some great food from a truck and eating it in the great outdoors!