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First ‘fat bike’ races at the Quad Cities Criterium

DAVENPORT, Iowa – It’s not your typical bike, it’s got larger than normal wheels and is called a ‘fat bike.’ “You feel like ...

DAVENPORT, Iowa - It's not your typical bike, it's got larger than normal wheels and is called a 'fat bike.'

"You feel like you can just ride over anything, that's what it feels like to ride a fat bike," said Lee Marbach, rider.

Racers prepare for the ride by popping wheelie's, giving high fives and just enjoying themselves.

"Were just out here having fun, just doing some fat biking," said Sam Lundray, rider.

This is the first every Healthy Habits Faterium at the Quad Cities Criterium and these fat bike riders were anxious to get on the course.

For one Marine Corp Veteran he was ready to go, but was still remembering what Memorial Day is all about.

"Being in the military all of the fallen soldiers before me, just remembering all of them," said Zoran Muneisev, rider.

The racers huddle up and prepare and take off for a total of two laps around the course, taking only about 15 minutes but at the end there's no trophy.
"The only prize is pride and glory and that's and that's all I'm looking for." Lee Marbach, rider.


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