Family and friends remember the life of Fulton County Deputy Chisum at funeral

A community of law enforcement, family, and friends remember Deputy Troy Chisum for his duty and sacrifice.

CUBA, Illinois – Family, friends, and fellow law enforcement came together to honor fallen Fulton County Deputy Troy Chisum.

A funeral was held Monday morning at Cuba High School.

The full funeral was streamed live, click here to watch.

Chisum passed away last Tuesday while responding to a domestic violence call in Avon, Illinois – while he was simply doing his job.

At Cuba High School, Chisum’s squad car sat outside while inside hundreds of law enforcement officers remember a hero who has fallen.

“June 25th is a day those of us will never forget,” says Fulton County Sheriff Jeff Standard at the beginning of the service. “Those terrifying words “shots fired, officer down” are words that will stay with me forever.”

“People say that all the time, but if you knew Tory you would know he was a good guy,” says Reverend Corby Skiles, Chisum’s pastor who officiated his wedding. “He is a good guy.”

Chisum was a good husband and father – leaving behind a wife and three daughters.

“We all lost something, but we (motioning to siblings) lost everything,” says Kayleigh Chisum, Troy’s oldest daughter.

As the serviced moved outside for a final goodbye, Kayleigh, Abigail and Gracie Chisum received a flag in their father’s honor, so they can always remember him.

“There will never be a good enough phrase or a high enough honor to sum up what this man was,” comments Kayleigh.

A man who was a friend and a father in a family of a community.

Following the service, hundreds of squad cars formed a 40-mile procession to Peoria where deputy Chisum will be cremated.

Deputy Chisum is the 5th Illinois police officer killed on the job this year.