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Downtown Davenport businesses brace for more flooding

“It’s coming, it’s coming. The levee broke.”

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Dozens of downtown Davenport businesses are already taking water or are preparing for the flooding to reach them.

Some businesses are also going without power as they shut it off for safety reasons in the floodwaters.

The owner of Barrelhouse on 2nd Street removed roughly $15,000 worth of food from his restaurant to store it in a refrigerated trailer Tuesday night.

“We are moving out of our basement because rumor has it they are shutting off our power which houses all out walk in coolers and refrigeration unit," Michael DeWitt says. "We are going to load everything up and hopefully salvage what we have for inventory... It’s worth the trouble of bringing everything up."

Dozens of people helped transfer boxes, jars and tubs of food out of the basement. Dewitt says he is worried his sump pump could fail, leaving his basement at risk of flooding.

"It's one of those situations. Nothing we can do about it. We just deal with it and move forward," he says.

Just down the street, dozens more people helped sandbag businesses.

"It was awesome today," says Mary Talbert, owner of Crafted QC. "The neighbors pitching in to help each other. If you're underwater or you're safe, you're helping whoever is in trouble. it's been really nice to see everyone come together."

Talbert says she didn't even know everyone who showed up. Jason Teague was one of those strangers.

"One of the guys heard the levee broke, so we rushed down to help out," Teague says. "Basically looking for more people to help. Just running up and down River Drive, 2nd Street just trying to find more people to help."

That was the story throughout downtown Davenport Wednesday. Police and firefighters, strangers and friends all offering a hand in the face of a devastating flood. Business owners say they're preparing for the worst yet to come, but say they know their community will be there in the aftermath to help rebuild.

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