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Dog abandoned at Henry County Humane Society gets second shot at life

After being crammed into a crate and abandoned, an Illinois dog is getting a second shot at life.

GENESEO, Illinois -- After being crammed into a crate and abandoned, an Illinois dog is getting a second shot at life.

A volunteer with the Henry County Humane Society discovered Buddy, a one-year-old Labradoodle, last week. Buddy was left outside an empty Humane Society building that is still under construction.

"He was crammed in a medium-sized, one of those inside crates. Way too small for him," said shelter manager Tracy Diehl. "As you can tell, he's a big dog. No food, no water."

All Buddy had was a handwritten note, which read:

Hi my name is Buddy. I have all my shots. I took flea medication today. I have outgrown the apartment I live in and in need of a new home with a big yard to run in and am AMAZING with children. It is very hard for me to leave a home where I am very loved and cherished but hope I can bring joy to my new family.

Diehl shared Buddy's story on Facebook, which was first reported by the Geneseo Republic, and later picked up by People.com, the website for the popular People Magazine.

Suddenly, Buddy has become the focus of national attention.

"I got calls from Georgia last night. I got an email from New Mexico. I got a phone call from New York," said Diehl.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Humane Society has stopped taking applications for Buddy. More than 20 were submitted, and Diehl expects Buddy to have a new home by the end of the week.

However, while Buddy's story has a happy ending, Diehl points out that not every dog is quite as lucky.

"All of them have a story, and as bad as Buddy's is, it's actually not the worst story," said Diehl.

If you can no longer take care of a pet, Diehl says to call the shelter, and they will help you surrender the animal safely.

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