Colona barbecue vendor wins battle over business license

Duncan says the support he’s received means everything to him.

COLONA, Illinois -- A Colona barbecue vendor is open for the season after a back-and-forth battle over his business license.

Joe Duncan reopened Lazy Dog Bar-B-Q on Wednesday, May 3.

"I don't much get excited anymore, I'm getting too old to get excited," laughed Duncan. "But it feels good. Happy."

For the past 12 years, Duncan has been cooking up pork chops, brisket, and burgers with a grill and smoker that he pulls behind his truck.

In April, the city council denied Duncan a business license. Council members said the mobile food vendor had an unfair advantage over brick and mortar stores. Ultimately, though, the council reversed its decision.

"It hasn't been really a sweet month, so hopefully this month will be better," said Duncan.

On Duncan's first day back, customers once again greeted him.

"Everybody loves his cooking, everybody loves him, and I'm glad to see him back," said customer Brent Whittington.

"You've got to have choices," added customer Jeff Ryker. "This is pretty good for me. I can run right down here and grab something quick and go back to the shop."

Duncan says the support means everything to him.

"To know that you've got a lot of friends, how would that make you feel? It's exciting. It's heartwarming is what it is," said Duncan.

Weather permitting, Lazy Dog Bar-B-Q will be open for lunch Monday through Saturday for the rest of the season.