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Clinton nurse is 1 of the 100 greatest nurses in Iowa

“I just feel like I was doing my job,” said Nylin.

CLINTON, Iowa  --  A hard working nurse in Clinton is the being celebrated as one of the top one hundred nurses in Iowa. Justin Nylin is the charge nurse on the ambulatory unit at Mercy One hospital in Clinton.

"We're really busy everyday," Nylin said. "But, it makes for fun. You get to know each other really well."

Nylin is one of three nurses on the floor. The patients they see do not stay overnight at the hospital, so they need a lot of care while they are there. Despite being busy, Nylin says building relationships with his patients and co-workers is important to him.

"I love the relationships I can build, with not only the patients I see everyday, but also the nurses," Nylin said. "I love taking care of nurses."

Nylin built such a strong relationship with his co-worker, nurse Karleen Looney, she nominated him for 100 great Iowa nurses.

"He’s fun, he’s innovative, and he challenges me to think differently everyday," Looney said.

Looney wrote a letter to the program, highlighting Nylin's hardwork, and he won.

"Every time I read it I get teary eyed," Nylin said. "I just feel like I was doing my job."

Looney is not the only one at the hospital who thought Nylin deserved the award.

"He’s the kind of nurse that you don’t ever have to ask to do extra." Vice President of Patient Care Services Laura Gassman said. "He’s always coming to you, volunteering to do extra."

"His personality, you can tell he just loves to be here," Looney said. "He makes everyday a little bit more brighter.”

Patients also say Nylin has made a difference in their hospital experience.

"He’s good, patient Vera Smith said. "I mean I trust him. He knows his business."

Nylin will go to Des Moines in May for a celebration with the other winners.