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Clinton, Iowa, businesses contend with boil advisory after water main break

“It’s something that doesn’t happen often, so you just deal with it,” said Brenda Thornton, owner of Homer’s Deli in Clinton, Iowa.


Staffers at Homer's Deli know all about making things from scratch.  But a water main break across town is adding to its workload.

As lunch customers line up on Tuesday, February 6, there are some changes at the popular eatery.

It's the aftermath of the water main break that's forcing a city-wide boil advisory.

"It was an unusual situation," said Lisa Reisen, Iowa American Water.  "It was a water main break that actually impacted the entire community."

At the Sweetheart Bakery, making Tuesday's treats also involved boiling water.

"It put us a little behind today," said owner Brenda Thornton. "It takes a while to do that process."

And at Homer's Deli, they had to adjust some cooking methods and turn off the pop machine.

"I've got canned pop back there," she continued.  "Canned pop, bottled pop and bottled water."

Crews hope to finish testing water samples later Tuesday.  Until further notice, Clinton customers should continue to bring water to a rolling boil for one minute for drinking and cooking in Clinton.  The water is already okay for bathing, washing and other common uses.

"Unfortunately, sometimes there's a perfect storm," Reisen said.  "Yesterday was it."

While it's a bit of a hassle at Homer's Deli, they seem to take it all in stride.

"It's a process," Thornton concluded.  "But it's something that doesn't happen often, so you just deal with it."