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Agape Center hopes to build new facility to serve those in need in the Quad Cities

“I know how hard it is to walk up here, I got my start here so I moved here with nothing, “said Devyn Timbrook, Agape Center volunteer.

BETTENDORF - Serving truly comes from the heart for the volunteers at The Agape Center.

"We open our door and it's unconditional love, just like our name is...  we don't turn anybody away," said Dana Myrick, volunteer.

The center sits in Devils Glen Park, when they started back in May of 2016 they were serving around 70 families and now they help over 700 with food, clothing and household items.

"Word of mouth, we are a very no judgment free zone, we have no judgment when anybody walks in," said Devyn Timbrook, volunteer.

The current building they sit in, isn't big enough to serve the hundreds of people that come through their doors.

"We're growing really fast, in a short amount of time and we serve out of an 800 square foot building, "said Myrick.

Every three weeks the center gets a large shipment form the Riverbend Food Bank and it takes a team, just to get all the food into the building.

"Thousands and thousands of pounds of food that we carry up the stairs," said Myrick.

The are hoping to build a new center that will sit across from the current one, it's estimated to cost around $600,000 and they need donations in order to do so.

"It would be the world if we would get this building because we are trying so hard and to see everyone walk through those doors, it's so tight quarters in here," said Myrick.

The volunteers said that building will be priceless in helping to serve those in need.

"I know how hard it is to walk up here, I got my start here so I moved here with nothing, "said Timbrook.

The center will be giving out items and collecting donations by the baseball fields at Devils Glen park on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you would like more information on how to donate you can contact The Agape Center Project president Don Wells (563) 210-0465 or by email at http://www.agapecenterproject@gmail.com.