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Contest Winner List

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Week of Love Winner of Davenport, IA

Brandi Paschal

My Favorite Teacher Winners

 Ms. Sims, Monmouth United West

 Ms. Monier, Geneseo North Side Elementary

 Mrs. Kirsch, Kewanee Central Elementary

 Ms. Elledge, Davenport Central

 Ms. Gagliardo, Sherrard High School

Amerifile Sweepstakes

Nichole Pearson of Davenport, IA

Robert Apple of Silvis, Illinois

World's Toughest Rodeo

Craig Bishop of Monmouth, Illinois

Loretta Pierce of Geneseo, Illinois

Joseph Henson of Davenport, IA

Win Tickets to see Cody Johnson Sweepstakes
Hollie Axcell of Knoxville, IL
Desiree Kimmel of Bettendorf, IA
Sharon Dillon of Rock Island, IL
Deb Schwake of Bettendorf, IA
Judy Kipp of Silvis, IL

Family Fun Sweepstakes (Disney on Ice)
Pat Stoltz
Bob Case of Cordova, IL
Ricky Puckett of Aledo, IL
John Bell of Moline, IL
Hank Timbrook of Colona, IL
Mary Ann Leone of East Moline, IL
Jack Boccarossa of Milan, IL
Pachy Hueltman of LeClaire, IA
Chris Cisne of Moline, IL
Ana Espinal Aguilera

Pay My Bills Sweepstakes
Breanne Wright of East Moline, IL

Disney on Ice Sweepstakes
Lu Murphy of Atkinson, IL
Erika Garcia of Davenport, IA
Maribel Sanchez of Moline, IL

Fred Astaire Sweepstakes
Lynn Boelger of Davenport, IA

Win Lunch for Your Office from Capriotti's
Maria Plumb of Moline, IL

Beat the Heat Sweepstakes
Troy Dennison of Kewanee, IL

Midwest Bath Sweepstakes 
Tammy Tegeler Whiteside County, IL

Army Recruitment Contest
Kali Lee of Rock Island, IL

The Friends Experience Sweepstakes
Andrea Ramos of Rock Island, IL

National Youth Savings Month

Grace Harper Age 12

Marlea Clark Age 7

Braelyn Villa Maria Age 4

Julia Debisschop Age 9 

Autumn Cashten Age 9 

Evelyn Brasmer Age 6

Piper Villa Maria Age 3

Natalie Reyes Age 9.5

Karlee Bethell Age 11

Jordan Dolen

Ultimate Chocolates Sweepstakes

John Gillam of Coal Valley, IL

Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes 

Alicia Peterson of Matherville, IL

Snow Star Sweepstakes

Nicole Rider of Muscatine,IA

Halloween Pet Costume Contest

Winners - First Place Peggy Wilson of Rock Island, IL

Runner ups - Ashley Helg of Cambridge, IL and Nick Uzelac of Davenport, IA

Adventures in Camping Sweepstakes

Julia Bross of Cambridge, IL

2020 Soar Winners 

Ethaniel Dies of Davenport, IA

Seth Hoffman of Muscatine IA

Brian Forret of Calamus, IA

Disney on Ice Sweepstakes
Sheri Henry of Lyndon, IL
Erin Hardison of East Moline, IL
Tommy Keith of Knoxville, IL

Classroom Kindness Challenge

Week 1 Mrs. Beatty at Jefferson Elementary

Week 2 Mr. Hamerlinck at Cambridge Elementary

Week 3 Ms. Anders at Eagle Ridge School

Week 4 Mrs. Sokolik at Riverdale Heights Elementary

Week 5 Mrs. Ahlgren at Seton Catholic School

Week 6 Mrs. Reinsch at Washington Elementary

Grand Prize Mrs. Moore at Hampton Elementary

Win a Trip to the 53rd Annual CMA Awards Sweepstakes
Julia Slusser of Cambridge, IL

Niabi Zoo Fun Day Sweepstakes
Hannah Stebens of Buffalo, IA

New Windsor Fair & Rodeo Sweepstakes
Jessica Brock of Galesburg, IL

Sister Act at Quad City Music Guild
Claire Crawford of Geneseo, IL

Winning with Chevy Sweepstakes

Winner – Theresa Hilgendorf of Galena, IL
Runner – Up – Charles Naslund of Alpha, IL

Winner – Laurie Reafsnider of Clinton, IA
Runner-Up – Mary Gassman of Rock Island, IL

Winner – Kerry Dobereiner of Davenport, IA
Runner-Up – Nancy Stamm of Davenport, IA

SOAR Scholarship
Ariana Hill of Davenport North High School
Amy Haskill of Rock Island High School
Abigail Twiss of Abingdon-Avon High School

Quad City Music Guild -42nd Street Sweepstakes
Tamarah Brooks of LeClaire, IA

Quad City Music Guild – Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes
Margie Johnson of Galesburg, IL

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